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Ashleigh Jill


I have been working in the piercing industry for 9 years, starting my apprenticeship in 2005. I completed my full one year apprenticeship where I was put out on my own to do great things. From there I decided to push my way to the top in the Durham Region and have a new found love for Toronto. I love everything about piercing, it is an art form, a way for people to express themselves. Majority of the piercings I do are free hand, I am very particular on placement and extremely precise. My goal is to provide my clients with a friendly, clean, sterile environment and to ensure all needs are met on my piercings procedure. The health and safety of my clients is my number one priority, and also to make sure they are pleased with the final product. I use top quality surgical stainless steel and titanium metal only! I enjoy doing all piercings, but I have love for the challenging ones. I do not specialize in any type of piercing, I feel that every piercing is special, on a wide range from getting your nostril pierced to implanting microdermals or genitalia.

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